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Why are we South Africas Leading Corporate Wear Supplier

As South Africa’s leading online supplier of corporate apparel, provides a reliable service based on on-time delivery of well-executed orders anywhere in South Africa.

Some of our corporate clothing choices include:

Women’s blouses – feminine corporate branded apparel of high quality material and tasteful design to support a positive self-image among women employees

T-shirts – businesslike corporate clothing for the younger generation of employees, more informal office set-ups or out-of-office activities and promotional events.

Aprons – best quality work wear for restaurants, accommodation facilities, cleaning and catering services.

Denim shirts – informal material, but formal appearance, branded, denim clothing for employees who must make a good impression inside and out of the office. The durability of denim lends itself to workplaces exposed to tougher conditions, while maintaining a well-groomed appearance.

Business dresses – the business answer to “what will I wear?” Formal and semi-formal female apparel which allows female employees to promote the company brand while retaining their sense of fashion and need for comfort.

Body warmers – high-quality body warming vests for chilly mornings or late summer nights. Quality material of your choice with long lasting branding to enable your employees to identify with your brand while they are out-and-about.Corporate jackets – high quality jackets for men and women, unobtrusive branding to retain the fashionability but still allowing employees to identify with the corporate brand.Drimacs – mostly associated only with rainy weather, drimacs are stylish corporate clothing for all weather conditions. Made from durable all-weather material and stylishly designed, it completes the corporate branded wardrobe of your employee 

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